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Waiting For Godot (DRUID / Garry Hynes / Edinburgh International Festival)

By | Published on Friday 17 August 2018

What can you do with ‘Waiting For Godot’? Edward Beckett, the arbiter of licensing rights for his uncle’s work, forbids any substantive departures from the good old traditional ways of staging the plays. Garry Hynes’s production succeeds within the narrow parameters any Beckett production is allowed, which basically amount to – as Sam might have said – finding the rhythm of it. Marty Rea’s Vladimir sets the tempo while Aaron Monaghan’s syncopated Estragon stirs things up. The design, by Francis O’Connor, is delightful: you can’t quite tell whether the backdrop is a cloudy expanse opening to infinity, or a concrete wall shutting everything out. It’s not trying to put its own stamp on Godot’s mysteries, just trying to give them attractive expression.

Lyceum Theatre, until 12 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Alexander Hartley]