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Trump’d! (Two Thirds Comedy)

By | Published on Sunday 27 August 2017

One of several shows about Donald Trump at this year’s Fringe, this is a comedy musical about two Americans’ journey across the country, hoping to convince him not to build the Mexican wall through their town. Along the way they pick up a group of Mexican Resistance types, Hillary Clinton, and the remains of Isis – each with their own reason for wanting to see the President. Trump is an obvious, easy subject for satire, but this show doesn’t offer more than a simple “Trump is bad” message. The actors’ lack of vocal projection means that much of the dialogue and lyrics aren’t clear, while the confusing plot (why are the Americans siding with Isis to beat Trump?) results in an underwhelming experience.

C, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 2/5 | [Richard Levinson]