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Tricity Vogue’s uke awards return on a bigger stage

By | Published on Friday 15 August 2014

Tricity Vogue

I’ve always thought it would be useful if we gave each weekend of the Fringe a name, creating markers with which to refer to each stage of the festivities. And I’m nominating ‘The Weekend Of Uke’ for this one coming, because Tricity Vogue is hosting her ‘Uke Of Edinburgh Awards’ once again, and this time at a much bigger venue.

For those unfamiliar with this Fringe institution, Vogue brings together all the ukelele players of the Festival – from those whose shows revolve around the instrument to more secretive uke strummers. Various uke-based contests then occur, with the overall winner granted permission to play the ukelele that dons Vogue’s hat. Yeah, that’s right, her hat.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s events, Vogue told ThreeWeeks: “It’s surprising what you can do with a ukulele. Every year I’m gobsmacked that people can do such jaw-dropping things with a small four-stringed instrument”.

This year’s shows take place on Saturday, 16 Aug, at the New Empire Bingo Hall on Nicolson Street. It’s a considerably bigger venue for the annual uke celebration, about which Vogue muses: “It’s so exciting to be at the New Empire Bingo Hall. For the past four years we’ve been playing to packed houses of 100 or more, so it’s high time we moved to a bigger home, and the venue on Nicolson Street is perfect. It’s gorgeous”.

Amongst the uke-ists due to appear this Saturday are Amy G, Helen Arney and Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer (the latter of whom you’ll also find in the Week Three issue of ThreeWeeks next week). The show takes place at 4pm and then again at 10.30pm, and admission is free, though it’s recommended to book seats online via edfringe.com – info here.