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ThreeWeeks to return for its eighteenth Edinburgh Festival this August

By | Published on Thursday 6 June 2013


ThreeWeeks will return to cover the world’s biggest and most exciting cultural festival once again this August, and for the eighteenth time.

Both ThreeWeeks and the Edinburgh Festival have grown and evolved a lot since 1996, though both retain their core missions. The Edinburgh Festival still brings together magnificent performers and cultural companies from all four corners of the world and, through its Fringe, provides a perfect platform for every new generation of cultural talent, to perfect their art, connect with their peers, and launch their careers.

ThreeWeeks has always endeavoured to live by that same ethos, going out of its way to cover a wide variety of the genres, acts and shows appearing at the Festival, with a constant drive to discover and champion the new and the alternative. While, through its acclaimed media-skills programme, it also provides a platform for each new generation of media and journalistic talent.

Co-Founder and Co-Editor Chris Cooke, who has co-led ThreeWeeks at all preceding seventeen festivals, says this: “For all its foibles and imperfections, the wider Edinburgh Festival, and especially the Edinburgh Fringe, remains the most exciting cultural festival in the world, and the most exciting place to be on earth each August. Navigating the thousands of shows on offer each year remains challenging, but when you look back at the hundreds of performers, writers and arts companies we have discovered at the Fringe over the last seventeen festivals, and the brilliant work those individuals and groups have presented, covering this event is as exciting as ever”.

Co-Editor Caro Moses, who has worked on ThreeWeeks since its first year, and led the magazine since the late 1990s, adds: “What is great about Edinburgh is how veterans really rub shoulders with newcomers each summer, and as ThreeWeeks approaches its eighteenth festival that’s exactly what is happening here too. Once again we are putting together an excellent team of young culture fans and budding new writers who will be our eyes and ears on the ground at the Festival. They will then work with our core team of experienced editors, including Chris and myself, to provide coverage that is both fresh and credible – young people telling young people how to best navigate the biggest cultural event that has ever occurred”.

A team of one hundred – including aspiring arts and media professionals taking part in the ThreeWeeks media-skills programme and the magazine’s core editorial team – will be involved in providing prolific coverage of this year’s Edinburgh Festival. That coverage will properly kick-off in late July, with daily updates in print and online during August, plus the flagship free weekly ThreeWeeks magazine – which was fully refreshed in 2012 – and which can be picked up all at sites across the Festival City during August, with the late-July preview edition also hand-delivered to thousands of Edinburgh homes.

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