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ThreeWeeks returns to help you navigate Edinburgh’s big three weeks

By | Published on Monday 27 July 2015


The biggest ever Edinburgh Festival kicks off next week, with 3314 shows listed in the official Fringe programme alone, and that’s before you consider the other six festivals that the Scottish capital will host during the month of August.

Which means once again Edinburgh will witness a tidal wave of cultural talent of all kinds – musical, comedic, physical, theatrical, literary, poetic, artistic and those that are harder to define – taking over every stage, concert hall, cabaret bar, vault, lecture room, back room and corridor to present the greatest cultural spectacle that history has ever seen.

Which is all rather exciting; hence the hyperbole we splashed out on just there. Though it does, of course, make the challenge of navigating what is on offer all the bigger, which is where ThreeWeeks steps in as it prepares to cover its twentieth Edinburgh Festival season. And editors Caro Moses and Chris Cooke once again bring their two decades of experience to the table.

Caro has worked her way through all of the festivals’ programmes and a flood of press releases, chatted to those in the know, and revisited both the ThreeWeeks online archive and the separate archive in her mind, to select 81 shows and events that deserve each festival-goer’s time. They will appear in 27 sets of Three To See recommendations, both online and in the big ThreeWeeks preview edition that is delivered to thousands of Edinburgh homes just ahead of the Festival, and which will also be available from all the key venues as they open next week.

On top of all that, Caro has invited some of our favourite performers to contribute exclusive columns, and both she and Chris will be chatting to a stack more people about their shows, with regular interviews appearing online and in the four ThreeWeeks magazines that will be published this August. Chris is also getting ready to talk to an assortment of other Festival people on the TW Podcast, which returns later this week.

And that’s all before you get to the reviews. For much of its 20 years covering the Fringe, ThreeWeeks was known for the acclaimed media-skills education programme that ran alongside the magazine, participants in which formed the publication’s review team. This education programme is currently in this midst of a revamp, meaning that this year – as in 2014 – ThreeWeeks will field a smaller team of culture-hungry freelance critics to track the highs and the lows of the Fringe. Several of these reviewers are alumni of the aforementioned education programme, and it’s great to welcome them back.

All of this coverage is – as always – available in print and online, and via email and podcast. So, as the biggest ever Edinburgh Festival gets underway, you need never get lost in that three weeks of cultural madness, because ThreeWeeks is never far away, to help you digest everything that’s going on.

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