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ThreeWeeks Editor’s Letter: Week Two issue is out today!

By | Published on Wednesday 13 August 2014


Ooof, I’m tired and it’s not even the middle of middle week yet. Well, it’s not when I’m writing this, even if it is by the time you are reading it. I’m writing this at the end of Week 1, and frankly, I just want to go to bed already. Then again, it is currently 4am as I type these words, such is the way with our Weekly Edition print deadlines, and I had a busy day navigating the Festival in the rain before I sat down to finish off the latest issue of our magazine.

It’s a while since I complained about the Edinburgh weather (though stalwart Festival friends who’ve been Fringing for decades might well remember that I used to moan about it all the time) but I kind of feel the need to let off steam. Mainly because I keep ending up actually giving off steam, in warm venues, after getting wet on my way to a show. And seriously, I get sad when the rain won’t stop, because it puts a damper on everything. It’s sad to see flyerers looking deflated. Comedians down-beat. Actors unmotivated.

However, I can now reveal that the weather is going to improve dramatically by the time you read this. By the power of my mind. Though I did just sneak a peak at BBC Weather and it’s saying Wednesday will be quite nice. So I hope you are sitting reading this outside, or by an open window, and making plans to walk to your next venue rather than taking another taxi.

And perhaps you might use the latest edition of ThreeWeeks to help you choose what that show might be. You will be able to pick that very magazine up all across Edinburgh for free today. Or you can download the PDF version (9MB) by clicking here, or check it out in digital form via this page here.

We’ve got plenty of reviews in this issue, plus features featuring the brilliant people behind some of the best shows happening at the Festival. That includes Sophie Willan, Erin Kamler, Rebecca Chill and Bradley Leech just for starters, plus comedian Chris Martin; spoken word type Lucy Ayrton; musical makers Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie; Tom Blackmore, creator of ‘Dreams Of Peace And Freedom’; Curtis Uhlemann of ‘The Warriors: A Love Story’; and ‘Claustrophobia’ writer Jason Hewitt.

Plus there’s an article in which lots of comedians conspire to heckle Christ, and finally, cover star Janey Godley has a quick chat with her equally cover starry daughter Ashley Storrie.

That enough for you to get your teeth into? I reckon. See you next week.
Caro @ ThreeWeeks