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ThreeWeeks Editor’s Letter: Week Two edition is out!

By | Published on Wednesday 14 August 2013


And so it’s Wednesday again, which means yet another Weekly Edition of ThreeWeeks hit the streets this morning. It’s only the Week Two issue, but, because we have the preview edition in late July, it’s actually the third ThreeWeeks Weekly we’ve done this summer.

So, that feels like quite a lot already, because in terms of ThreeWeeks Weekly editions, we’re three quarters of the way through. And, of course, with our Week Two issue out, that means we’re are now half way through the month of August, and half way through the Fringe, if not the whole Festival (the International Festival runs into September, of course).

It’s going quickly, isn’t it? If you’ve been here since it all kicked off just a couple of weeks ago, you’ll be wondering where the time went, and if you’ve just turned up, you’re probably looking at your watch and realising that actually, you’ve only got about ten days to get everything you want to get done, done. Am I giving you the fear? Am I?

Well, it’s probably entirely appropriate because there’s a lot of it going around in the Week Two issue of our esteemed organ. As well as the sweaty dread that’s afflicting me at the moment at the thought of the massive amount of reviews we still have to put out there, that Keith Farnan has put the wind up me with his Top Five Fears column. And then, as if I weren’t clammy enough, we’re dealing with yet more trepidation in our interview with theatre director Amy Kilmartin about her fear-focused show ‘Globophobia’.

If you’ve read this far, you must be terrified. So now I’ll soften the fearful blow with news of all the features we have for you this week that aren’t at all scary. We have our regular poem from Fringe institution Luke Wright, and this week’s Letter To Edinburgh from the most excellent Asher Treleaven. Then we’re into Q&A heaven with the super Diane Spencer, this week’s cover star Will Franken and favourites The Real McGuffins.

There’s a beautiful column from David Morgan, plus we talk to Paper Birds about their theatre piece ‘On The One Hand’, to cabaret stars Die Roten Punkte, to piano deviants Worbey and Farrell, to the team behind new musical ‘Facehunters’, and to playwright Oliver Emanuel about children’s show ‘Titus’. And, as you might expect, we’ve got lots and lots of reviews for you to peruse. Enjoy!

Which should keep you all very busy, and that’s before you even start scheduling in shows!

And don’t forget there is even more online, with the regular podcast and all those podcast extra performances, plus regular guest columns that you won’t find in print. Do keep an eye on our daily email updates (tell friends to sign up at www.threeweeksedinburgh.com/subscribe) for news of other features to check out, and follow us on Twitter for all the latest bits n pieces.

Keep enjoying the Festival!

Caro Moses, Co-Editor, ThreeWeeks

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