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ThreeWeeks Editor’s Letter: Week Three issue is out today!

By | Published on Wednesday 20 August 2014


Ah, Edinburgh Festival. You’ve done that thing again, haven’t you? You slipped by in the blink of an eye, despite the fact you were once pretty much a whole month stretching out ahead of me. Time passes faster in Edinburgh during August than it does anywhere else, and that’s ancient Caro’s scientific fact. Or perhaps it’s just that we are all so busy, we don’t have time to think, our days being filled with that endless round of show-going or show-making, working, schmoozing and drinking… well, for some of us.

But if you are involved in this monstrously large and entertaining beast, you don’t stop for a moment, and it’s surprising how quickly the end then comes into sight. And in sight it is. Even though, as I write this, there’s a whole week of the Fringe still to go, and a full two weeks until the International Festival has its big firework finale. Which is actually quite a lot still to come, isn’t it? But you know what it’s like, Week Three slips by fastest of all, and by the time you read this the Fringe will be very much in its final stretch.

And Week Three always feels like the wind down week. At the start of it, everyone is tired and fighting off Fringe flu. But then, by Wednesday evening, everyone picks up speed again, because the final weekend is in sight, and an energy burst is in order. Don’t waste the whole lot on too much partying and performing though, you’ll need at least some of it to get that heavy suitcase down six flights of stairs to the taxi come Monday. Or whenever it is you are leaving the Festival City. Unless you live here, in which case enjoy the fireworks on the 31st.

I, like most others I suspect, am experiencing my start-of-week-three lull right now, yes, just as I write this letter. And I’m fantasising about sleeping for long periods once the Fringe has ended. They are pure fantasies, of course, because for myriad reasons I am rubbish at sleeping in, and I have a child who wouldn’t allow it even if I were a world champion. But you can bet I’ll be doing something really relaxing as August ends. Like scrubbing and cleaning my neglected-throughout-July-and-August home down south. Jealous? Yeah.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s talk about the bounty contained in the final issue of ThreeWeeks for 2014, which is out now. You can pick it up all across Edinburgh, or you can download the PDF version (7MB) by clicking here, or check it out in digital form via this page here.

Inside it, we asked veteran Fringe director Damian Sandys to welcome you into our pages with his letter to Edinburgh, and then, we’ve got some fascinating interviews: this week we’ve spoken to a couple of our comedy favourites, Catriona Knox and Dan Clark, popped some questions to mash-up rock duo Rayguns Look Real Enough, and chatted with Philip Whitchurch, the man behind acclaimed Fringe play ‘Shakespeare, His Wife And The Dog’. We also talked to Njo Kong Kie, the brains behind ‘Picnic In The Cemetery’, gentleman rhymer Mr B, and to Vladimir Shcherban from Fringe First gong winning Belarus Free Theatre.

As well as that clutch of Q&As, we’ve got columns from Dane Baptiste, Jason Cook and Barry Ferns, plus lots and lots of reviews, including a recap of some of the 5/5 critiques already published in the ThreeWeeks Daily.

I hope you enjoy reading our last issue. And I hope you enjoy sleeping and ‘healthing’ your way through September. I am about to start preparations for Fringe 2015. How about you? See you there!
Caro @ ThreeWeeks

PS: If you’re based in London, why wait until next August for our next catch up, check us out at ThisWeekLondon.com all year round.