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ThreeWeeks Editor’s Letter: Week Three edition is out!

By | Published on Wednesday 21 August 2013


So, with our Week Three edition now on the streets, this is traditionally the point in the Festival where I write something along the lines of “the end is in sight”, or “ooooh, I’m tired”, or “lots of great shows this time”, or “I wonder who is going to win the Comedy Award”, or “thank God it’s all over”. And I see no reason to innovate this year.

I will steer clear of trying to predict a Comedy Award winner, because although in the last couple of years my ‘gut feeling’ turned out to be correct, I can’t help thinking that the one time I talk about it in print will be the year when that particular act crashes and burns. And I wouldn’t want to jinx them and ruin their chances. So really, my silence on this matter is entirely philanthropic. But I will tell you that the nominations are online here.

And I’ll also acknowledge the extraordinary number of totally brilliant shows we’ve seen in Edinburgh this Fringe. And I am going to say that I am super tired, that the end is in sight, and that this time next week I’ll be relieved to be lying on a sofa eating grapes and not editing reviews. Though, actually, this time next week, I will in fact still be editing reviews. Because we keep on reviewing shows right until the very very end, and only stop when the International Festival stops on 1 Sep.

And then, it will mean a well-earned break for our team of reviewers, admins, photographers, podcasters, and sub-editors, who have worked enormously hard on putting together all our content. They’ve done a great job in 2013, helping to put together all our media, not least the aformentioned Week Three weekly edition, which you can pick up at venues all of the city right now, or check out in one or another digital forms here.

This week’s edition, as you might hope, contains a new and sizable batch of reviews, as well as oodles of great features, starting with an ace Letter To Edinburgh from Axis Of Awesome’s Lee Naimo and Luke Wright’s weekly poetry instalment. We also have columns from Jack McNemara, from 5/5 show ‘The Boss Of It All’, and Marsha Shandur, who has some comedy insights to share from a book she is researching.

In the Q&A department, this week we’ve spoken to our cover star John Hinton, star of ‘Relativitively Speaking’, the team behind ‘The Greatest Liar In All The World‘, and the folks responsible for ‘Mammoth‘. We’ve also communed with rising comedy star Matt Okine, super sketch purveyors Birthday Girls, and Tomás Ford of ‘Midnight Cabaret’ fame. Plus there are features on The Wrong Crowd, who are the, er, crowd behind ‘Hag’ at Underbelly; on new musical ‘Between Empires‘; and on ‘Smelly Feet’, the children’s musical brought to you by Fringe veteran and pop icon Dean Friedman.

And with that, all there is left to say is – enjoy your final days of the Fringe.

Caro Moses, Co-Editor, ThreeWeeks

PS: If you are a performer chasing a review – we’ve put some useful information for you at www.ThreeWeeks.co.uk/maq