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ThreeWeeks Editor’s Letter: Week One issue is out today!

By | Published on Wednesday 6 August 2014


So, it’s now in full swing. Nothing can stop it now. The Festival is well and truly under way.

It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, I suspect it’s especially hard to believe for those who are very much involved in it. They mostly decided around this time last year that they were going to bring a show to the Fringe this summer, but for many it will seem like only a few months have passed since then, a mere few weeks since Christmas, maybe ten days since they wrote their blurb for the Fringe Programme, a week since they began thinking about what their show would actually consist of, and about half a day since they started rehearsing. Actually, it might only be half a day since they started rehearsing, but the point is that it all comes around very quickly. For those who come back year in, year out, July is a very ephemeral thing that passes by in the blink of an eye.

It certainly was for me. The fact that it very recently turned into August caught me utterly by surprise, so caught up was I in looking through press releases, trawling the programmes for information on interesting shows, and preparing prose for publication. I thought I had ages to go, and then suddenly, it was the first day of shows, and my reviewers were out there creating work for me to edit, and the print deadline for our Week One issue was looming.

It was a good thing I did look through all those press packs and trawl all the programmes though, because it’s meant I’ve been able to commission some very interesting articles from a broad variety of Festival-makers, and our Week One edition, out today, bears the fruit of that. You will be able to pick that very magazine up all across Edinburgh for free today. Or you can download the PDF version (9MB) by clicking here, or check it out in digital form via this page here. Some features from this edition are already available on ThreeWeeks Online, and the rest will be appearing over the next few days, with alerts here in your ThreeWeeks Daily email.

In the Week One issue we have loads of interviews for you to peruse: we’ve spoken to, in no particular order (actually, it is in order, the order in which they come in the magazine): Tamsin Clarke, Figs In Wigs, cover stars Axis Of Awesome, Celia Pacquola, Jessica Sherr, The Neutrinos, Rob Winlow, David Bolger and David Lee Morgan. We’ve also chatted to the people behind Freestival and Forest Fringe, whilst on the interviews page, the Fringe’s favourite ‘French Man’ Marcel Lucont interviews ‘fellow’ French Man Yacine Belhousse.

We also have a few columns for your delectation. The Nualas, returning to the Festival after a significant absence, reminisce about Fringes of old, Paul Nathan offers you his guide to street theatre, and Maddy Carrick gives tips on how to fill a small person’s day at the Festival. And as if all that weren’t enough, we’ve got a poem from Robin And Partridge and some bite size bits from BEASTS.

Aside from all the features, of course, there is a batch of reviews in there too, penned by this year’s roving team of skilled and experienced writers. You’ll also fine these critiques in this edition of the ThreeWeeks Daily, and don’t forget that in addition to the reviews in the Weekly, you’ll get another helping each day in the email update.

You can, of course, trust our team to steer you towards what’s good, but I would urge you (as I did previously, in the ThreeWeeks Preview Edition) not just to listen to our reviewers, or the next publication’s reviewers. Listen to your gut, and go and see at least one show this week that doesn’t have a photocopied review stapled to its flyer, a show that doesn’t yet have a star count. There is a huge number of shows at this Festival, and it would be ludicrous, frankly, to only take advice on your viewing choices from people like us. Take a risk on a show with no publicity budget, and it might just pay off.

I hope you are all enjoying Week One. See you next week for more.

Caro @ ThreeWeeks