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ThreeWeeks Editor’s Letter: Preview Edition is underway

By | Published on Wednesday 19 June 2013


So, hello again, and welcome to the latest update from ThreeWeeks, as that there Edinburgh Festival gets ever closer!

We have now begun work on the preview edition of our ThreeWeeks weekly magazine, which comes out in late July. Like all our weekly editions, this is distributed in all the key venues, box offices, cafes and bars across the Edinburgh Festival, sitting in our blue distribution stands just where thousands of Fringe-goers are choosing what shows to see. But not only that, the preview edition is also pushed through the letterboxes of thousands of Edinburgh households, helping those all important local ticket-buyers make their Fringe decisions.

Needless to say, this makes the preview edition a brilliant place to advertise your shows. I won’t give you the hardsell – but an ad in there puts your show in front of thousands of ticket-buyers at the Festival and in residential areas around central Edinburgh. Click here to find out more about our ad rates, or email tw.advertising@unlimitedmedia.co.uk to discuss what we can offer based on your budget.

Features wise, the preview edition includes interviews with, and columns by, some of our favourite performers, writers and directors at the Festival, and this year it will include four former ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award winners. We are currently in the process of deciding just who those people are going to be.

Also in the preview edition are my 3 To See show recommendations. Between now and mid-July I will be scouring every programme blurb, every press release, and every show email we receive, looking for the productions that look the most exciting this time round.

Some will be shows by performers or companies that our review teams have raved about at Festivals gone by, or from people who I’ve personally enjoyed seeing or meeting over the 17 summers ThreeWeeks has been covering the Edinburgh Festival. Or, they might just be productions that leaped out of the programme at me because they seem to be addressing important themes, or because they are based on a really interesting premise.

Look out for my 3 To See recommendations, both online and in the preview edition, from late July. And if you are producing or performing a show, make sure you have emailed all the info to tw.edinburgh@unlimitedmedia.co.uk so it’s in my inbox ready for picking.

Of course, however much time, energy, insight and insider intelligence we employ in coming up with our show tips, there are always going to be brilliant shows that we miss before the Festival begins. That’s where the ThreeWeeks review team comes in. I’ve just appointed this year’s particularly fine team of ThreeWeeks reviewers, and I’ll tell you more about them next time I email.

Meanwhile, do check out the links to the interviews, columns and news stories that we have posted online in the last week, our very first bits of coverage for Festival 2013. And read on also for more information on advertising in ThreeWeeks, getting coverage, and about our new culture website ThisWeek London

Caro Moses, Co-Editor, ThreeWeeks

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