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ThreeWeeks Editor’s Letter: Preview edition is out!

By | Published on Friday 26 July 2013


This is it people, the Edinburgh Festival 2013 is almost upon us (unless you’re a Jazz Festival fan I suppose, in which case it’s already very much underway). And that means it’s time to unveil the ThreeWeeks Preview Edition for another year.

Yes, once again we’ve filtered the entire Festival programme, with its thousands of shows, through the ThreeWeeks Showtime Analysis Machine (aka my brain), and out the other end has come our official 3 To See recommendations plus interviews with and columns from some of our very favourite performers and creators who are appearing this year.

The printed Preview Edition, all 36 pages of it, will be pushed through the door of thousands of Edinburgh homes over the next few days, and will then be available to pick up at all the key Fringe box offices, bars and cafes as they start to open next Wednesday. Though if you’re really impatient, you can check it out in digital form – via this online edition here, or in good old fashioned PDF here (though do note it’s a 15MB download).

Or you can read all the features from it online on the ThreeWeeks website. And that includes the thirty sets of 3 To See recommendations, all of which are accessible here, plus our interviews with ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award winners Patrick Monahan, Fine Chisel founder Tom Spencer, and former Delete The Banjax-er Dan Cook. Plus Q&As with Bridget Christie, dance company Altered Skin, Australian singer songwriter Lior, spoken word supremo Scroobius Pip, and Scary Little Girls, creators of ‘The Full Brontë Literary Cabaret’.

We also have Adam Kay musing on why so many doctors leave medicine for comedy, and Mrs Moneypenny, from the Financial Times and off of the telly, with some tips on doing the Fringe on a tight budget. And in the middle of all that (in that it’s in the centre of the printed edition), we talk to Brian Mitchell and Joseph Nixon, the brains behind retro wrestling play ‘Big Daddy Vs Giant Haystacks’.

If that’s a lot to be getting on with, we’ll be dropping into your inbox over the next week providing our tips for Edinburgh 2013 in smaller helpings – so tell all your friends, colleagues and occasional acquaintances to sign up here. Or to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook.

We start training up our ThreeWeeks review team tomorrow, ready for them to be unleashed as Fringe previews begin on Wednesday. And a week today our first reviews will be going online. Excited? Terrified? Yes, I think we’re all a combination of both those things as the world’s biggest ever cultural festival boots up for action.

I hope you enjoy our preview guide. And if you tire of reading, don’t worry, the first ThreeWeeks podcasts are online, with snippets of shows galore for you to enjoy.

Caro Moses, Co-Editor, ThreeWeeks