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ThreeWeeks Editors’ Awards presented for 2015

By | Published on Saturday 29 August 2015

ThreeWeeks Editors' Awards

We presented our ThreeWeeks Editors’ Awards at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall library this morning, celebrating the ten things that we feel made the Edinburgh Fringe extra special this year. The full list of winners is below, or click here to read more about each winning performer or show, and why we decided to give them one of our awards this year.

And the winners were:

1. Michael Legge for his brilliant shows and the #letssellthisshowout initiative.

2. Japan Marvelous Drummers for their astounding shows and 5/5 reviews at two consecutive Festivals.

3. Story Pocket Theatre for their excellent children’s entertainment and three shows this year.

4. Sofie Hagen for performing a really great show in a much bigger venue than expected.

5. Contemporary Theatre Of Scotland for tackling an important issue in their excellent debut production ‘The Last Kill’.

6. Familia de la Noche for bringing yet another 5/5 show to the Fringe, having already wowed us in 2013.

7. John Hinton for his wonderful ‘scientrilogy’ of plays, and for performing all three at one Fringe.

8. Buzz Brass for their musically excellent and completely enjoyable children’s show ‘The History Of Music’

9. Sh!t Theatre for consistently creating important, politicised and very entertaining work.

10. Stuart Bowden for wowing our reviewers for so many years with this magnificent shows.

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