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ThreeWeeks Editors’ Awards 2014 presented

By | Published on Saturday 23 August 2014

ThreeWeeks Editors' Awards

The ThreeWeeks editors presented their annual awards at the Surgeon’s Hall Library this morning, celebrating the ten shows, performers and ventures that the ThreeWeeks team feel made this year’s Edinburgh Festival particularly special.

And the winners were:
Bec And Tom’s Awesome Laundry
Tamsin Clarke for ‘Manuelita’
Cariad Lloyd
Matt Panesh aka Monkey Poet
Unbound Productions for ‘Travesti’
Divallusion with Christina Bianco and Velma Celli
The cast and crew of the Jethro Compton trilogies
Will Franken
Ricardo Garcia

Click here for more information on why we picked this year’s winners, and here to see photos from the awards presentation.

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