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Three Woman Only Comedy

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three women only comedy shows at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

Eryn Tett Finds Her Audience | Just The Tonic At The Tron | 4-28 Aug
It’s the official start of our Three To See show recommendations for 2022 and what better way to get going than with the news that this year Just The Tonic is running a venue that features exclusively female comedians? What a joy. So, to mark the occasion, we’re headed to The Tron and, frankly, I want to see everything on offer here, but we’re going to have to pick three because of the demands of the format. So we’ll kick things off with fab up and comer Eryn Tett. What to expect? “A bizarre exploration of her own thoughts; word play, odd observations and surreal storytelling set to a charmingly uncomfortable rhythm”. Sounds good, we’re more than sold. Click here for info and tickets.

Abigoliah Schamaun: Legally Cheeky | Just The Tonic At The Tron | 4-28 Aug
“This American girl in London had it all. Then one day the Wicked Witch of Westminster – Priti Patel – told Abigoliah to click her sparkly heels and go ‘home’. In that instance, everything changed. Abigoliah was faced with the fight of her life and the stakes couldn’t be higher. If she wins, she stays in the UK. If she loses, she loses everything”. Fabulous Fringe regular Abigoliah Schamaun has been delighting our reviewers since they first laid eyes on her back in around 2013 – and in the intervening time she’s been gathering four and five star reviews from them. What monster would send her away? Oh, right. Yes. Click here for info and tickets.

Aliya Kanani: Where You From, From? | Just The Tonic At The Tron | 4-28 Aug (pictured)
Our final woman from this woman-only venue is Aliya Kanani, who is making her Edinburgh debut, but is far from being a beginner. Based in Canada and boasting a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Actress on her CV, she’s already performed this show to great acclaim at other festivals, including the Toronto Fringe and the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Before all this performing success, Aliya was busy travelling around Canada and the world, and that’s what this show is about: where is she really from when she has been moving from place to place with her family, going to ten different schools, learning myriad languages, and trying to fit in? We think she’s going to take us on a fascinating – and funny – journey. Click here for info and tickets.