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Three Tried + Tested Shows

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three tried and tested shows at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

Luke Wright’s Late Night Dance Floor Fillers | Pleasance Dome | 3-29 Aug (pictured)
If you’re wondering what we might mean by ‘tried and tested’, let me clear that up: it’s a section full of acts that we love, and that we trust to never ever present anything other than something fabulous. Poet and playwright Luke Wright has been a favourite of ours for, well, more years than we now care to remember, to be honest, and we know you’ll be blown away by this late night offering of rock and roll poetry. Don’t stop there though: please also go and watch him perform his excellent play ‘The Remains Of Logan Dankworth’ over at the Pleasance Courtyard in the late afternoon. I mean, you probably already know he’s brilliant, but here’s your reminder that you get to see him again this year. Click here for info and tickets.

This Is Not Therapy | PBH’s Free Fringe @ Banshee Labyrinth | 6-14 Aug
Here’s another great creator from the world of the spoken word, one we feel sure will be performing more fantastic material this Fringe. In past years Tina Sederholm has held our reviewers entranced with her well-crafted storytelling as she entertained audiences with both the heartwarming and the poignant. This year’s show promises a meditation on ageing, and all that comes with it: “Think you’re the only one who’s making it up as you go along? You’re not. Join Tina as she tackles her fifties with as much humour, grace and sensible footwear as she can muster. From parenting ageing parents, battling tyrannical deadlines and fitting in the occasional nap, Tina aims to make it less of a crisis and more of a celebration”. Click here for info and tickets.

Will Pickvance: Half Man Half Piano | Assembly George Square Gardens | 3-28 Aug
This show could have ended up in so many of the categories we have in these here Three To See tips. It nearly ended up in musical comedy, it would have been at home in the shows with music section, and even the one-person shows. But because Will Pickvance is such a favourite for us, it ended up here, under shows that won’t fail you, and which you really should not miss. This is listed in the cabaret section, which is definitely the right place for it, because although it’s full of music, it’s the musical anecdotes in between, juxtaposed with the fusion of classical and popular song, that make the show quite as winning as it is. So fab we gave Will Pickvance a ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award and we are very happy to see him back at the Fringe. Click here for info and tickets.

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