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Three To See on 28 Aug: Michael J Dolan, Soweto Afro Pop Opera, Abnormally Funny People

By | Published on Thursday 27 August 2015

Michel J Dolan

Three recommended shows for Friday at the Edinburgh Festival 2015.

Michael J Dolan – Miserable Guts (pictured)
Check out this great column from Michael J Dolan, and then check out his great show. “Dolan’s melancholy observations about his marriage, the nature of the universe and rich children are all delivered with irrefutable logic and peculiar charm. His combination of intensity and cheekiness will remind you of Dylan Moran and Mark Watson simultaneously, which should not work as a combination, but definitely does”.
The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4, until 30 Aug.

Soweto Afro Pop Opera
Looking for a fun night (well, late afternoon) out? Look no further. “While ‘Soweto Afro-Pop Opera’ may sound like a mish-mash of genres, really it’s anything but. This trio delight with their obvious joy for performance, combining soulful vocals with infectious personalities to demonstrate the huge variety and versatility of South African music”.
C, until 31 Aug.

Abnormally Funny People
Explain we: “A different line up of comedians performs this show each night; all involved are disabled, apart from one ‘token’ non-disabled performer – the group are keen to demonstrate their inclusivity – and the show includes individual stand-up routines and short improvisation games. All of the performers have wit, charm and an irreverent attitude toward their disabilities. This is an excellent night of entertainment, and should be enjoyed by people of all abilities”.
Stand In The Square, until 30 Aug.

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