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Three To See on 24 Aug: The Marked, Lucy McCormick, Aunty Donna

By | Published on Tuesday 23 August 2016

Aunty Donna

Three to see at the Edinburgh Festival tomorrow…

The Marked | Pleasance Dome | 1.30pm
A top tip from the theatre programme. “This empathetic story about London’s homeless has been brought to life with care, honesty and sensitivity” says our reviewer. “The show includes wondrous magical elements, such as the dustbin transforming into a tent, monstrous creatures appearing from the darkness, and characters switching from demon to human. A marvellous journey, which ended too quickly” they conclude. “I only wish I could see it again!”

Lucy McCormick: Triple Threat | Underbelly Cowgate | 8.10pm
More theatre, and a “darkly funny show” retelling the New Testament in three acts. “With twisted comedy in tow, the show is free to delve pretty much anywhere”, our reviewer observes, before concluding: “A definite must see”.

Aunty Donna | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 10.00pm (pictured)
And finally some comedy that is “fast and furious and so beautifully weird”. Says our reviewer of the Aunty Donna guys: “They’re basically clowns in suits who will sing, dance and maybe even sit in your lap, all while generating enough heat to power the lights in the venue (probably). This is superb mayhem that is, quite simply, not to be missed”. So don’t miss it.