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Three To See on 23 Aug: Goose, Knock Knock, The Lulu Show

By | Published on Tuesday 22 August 2017

Three recommended shows to see on Wednesday 23 Aug…

Goose: Amphetawaltz | Assembly George Square Gardens | 4.30pm
“So much is crammed into the hour”, notes our reviewer, “songs, audience participation, puns, callbacks, self-referential jokes, sketches and impressions only begin to cover it”. The conclusion? “A brilliantly crafted show – Adam Drake’s breathless performance fully deserved the standing ovation at the end”.

Knock Knock | C Primo | 7.30pm (pictured)
Writer/performer Niv Petel is “a remarkable talent” say we, “and his marvellously controlled performance somehow extends beyond his body to fill the stage completely”. Says our reviewer: “When the play ended, the audience didn’t move, didn’t breathe for what felt like an age; even now, hours later, I’m still reeling”.

The Lulu Show: Life On The Never-Never | Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre | 10.00pm
“In this dimly-lit basement, the mix of traditional jazz cabaret performance and lessons on the history of the financial crisis go hand in hand”, explains our reviewer. “Hilde Louise is an irresistible performer with a talent for pulling her audience in, even when discussing the most seemingly mundane topics”.

Photo: Chris Gardner