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Three To See on 21 Aug: Women’s Hour, Roughs (For Radio), BARBU Electro Trad Cabaret

By | Published on Thursday 20 August 2015


Three recommended shows for Friday at the Edinburgh Festival 2015.

Women’s Hour
“Sh!t Theatre have one hour in which to deconstruct the way women are presented by the media, wielding comedy like a hammer against the ridiculous constructs and constraints that are associated with womanhood” said our reviewer, after being wowed by this Camden People’s Theatre commission. “Visual, physical, frantically funny and unapologetically forceful, this show isn’t just a must see, attendance should be compulsory”.
Summerhall, until 30 Aug.

Roughs (For Radio)
This show is a real Fringe experience executed brilliantly. “To be led, blindfolded, into a room, then seated amid the sharp hiss of static, strangled voices and discordant music is a profoundly disorientating experience. We are left isolated, alone in the dark, to enjoy two of Samuel Beckett’s less well known works; voices and sounds assault our ears, disquieting and compelling in equal measure”. Go experience.
C nova, until 31 Aug.

BARBU Electro Trad Cabaret (pictured)
“This show is not for the faint-hearted” say we. But we’re assumed you’re not one of the faint-hearted, so you should go. “Sound-tracked by its own astonishing electro trad band, this is a silly, sexy circus rave, crammed with breathtaking, gravity-defying manoeuvres and tests of skill”.
Underbelly’s Circus Hub on The Meadows, until 29 Aug.

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