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Three To See on 17 Aug: Bathtime, Balletronic, Bucket

By | Published on Sunday 16 August 2015


Three recommended shows for Monday at the Edinburgh Festival 2015.

The Monday of Week Two is a day off for many Fringe shows. And it’s that day off that usually results in half of all Fringe performers falling victim to Fringe Flu, so be careful performers, and eat some vegetables. And then go see these three shows which are performing tomorrow.

“Warped, nihilistic and hilarious, I wish that Richard Purnell would turn dark new comedy ‘Bathtime’ into a novel so I could lie back beneath the bubbles and read it over and over” said our reviewer. But he hasn’t as yet, so you’ll just have to make sure you see the show before it finales on 22 Aug.
C Nova, until 22 Aug.

Says our wowed reviewer: “Balletronic is experimental without being pretentious, and goes from modern to classical, surprising to familiar, crisp to gutsy, from one twirl to the next. Purists can have their pirouettes and point shoes, and the rest can have a violin solo delivered as if it were classic rock guitar”. What more could you ask for?
Pleasance Courtyard, until 31 Aug.

“From aubergines and wrinkly peppers to stage combat fighters and the detectives who can’t wait for the ways in which their latest case is going to mess up their lives, prepare for some sublime slapstick comedy”. Indeed. Get prepared and go see.
Pleasance Courtyard, until 31 Aug.

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