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Three To See on 15 Aug: The Chess Player, Misha’s Gang, Kin

By | Published on Monday 14 August 2017

Three recommended shows to see on Tuesday 15 Aug…

The Chess Player | C Primo | 12.00pm
“Single-performer shows always depend on the strength of the actor”, observes our reviewer, before confirming of this show that: “Writer-performer Richard McElvain is superb, shifting tone and character rapidly, eyes twinkling with humour one moment, staring hauntingly into your soul the next”. Concludes our critique: “The play’s ending provides resolution, but leaves the audience with a mental and emotional hangover, one that hasn’t left me yet”.

Misha’s Gang | theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall | 2.45pm (pictured)
A top, top tip from the music programme here. “Professional chamber music of the highest standard possible”, reckons our reviewer. “These Russian musicians played with verve, style and attack”.

Kin | Underbelly’s Circus Hub on The Meadows | 5.00pm
OK, let’s start with the premise. “Set in a kind of ‘Hunger Games’ meets ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ tournament, five contestants battle it out like their lives depend on it”. Our reviewer’s conclusion? “An outstanding show that will leave you marvelling at how the human body can possibly be capable of such breathtaking tricks”.