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Three To See on 15 Aug: Rose Matafeo, zazU, Alix In Wundergarten

By | Published on Sunday 14 August 2016


Three to see at the Edinburgh Festival tomorrow…

Rose Matafeo Is Finally Dead | Pleasance Courtyard | 5.45pm
Some shows may be taking the day off on Monday, but there is still plenty of great stuff to choose from across the Fringe. First up this helping of “off-kilter, weird humour, mixed with continuous pop culture references” that adds up, says our reviewer, to “a really fun, and funny, hour of comedy… just try to make sure you don’t die laughing”. Yes, please don’t die laughing.

zazU: Raisins To Stay Alive | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 6.15pm (pictured)
Next up some sketch comedy from TW favourites zazU, who you will find interviewed in our Week Two issue. “These guys left me in hysterics”, said over reviewer: “It’s silly, strange and, of course, very, very funny”. Very, very funny indeed.

Alix In Wundergarten | Underbelly Med Quad | 7.10pm
And finally something from the theatre programme. “Both realistic and surrealistic, unsettling and hilarious, offensive and touching, ‘Alix In Wundergarten’ leaves you confused and in awe. It was unforgettable” said our reviewer. So go see and remember.