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Three To See on 16 Aug: Ben Norris, The Last Kill, James Acaster

By | Published on Saturday 15 August 2015

James Acaster

Three recommended shows for Sunday at the Edinburgh Festival 2015.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Family
We’ll be chatting to Ben Norris about his excellent show in the Week Two edition of ThreeWeeks, but in the meantime let’s give it a big recommend for your Sunday viewing. “This is a great show from a truly talented performer with genuine presence and charisma to burn. I urge you all to catch it while you can”.
Underbelly, until 30 Aug.

The Last Kill
Meanwhile, look out for an interview with Gary Quinn, the writer and performer of this show, on the TW Podcast later this month. “A tricky subject matter is supported by an outstanding script and thoughtful direction: Contemporary Theatre Scotland accurately places an audience inside a deteriorating mind to intelligently negotiate the mental aftershocks of war” says our reviewer.
Greenside at Nicholson Square, until 29 Aug

James Acaster (pictured)
So earlier this week that there Josh Widdicombe had us dig out our review of his 2009 Fringe show, which featured him, Nick Helm and James Acaster each doing a stint on the mic. “Their jokes, while not funny exactly, at least showed potential to one day become funny, given a little more work” the 1/5 critique read. Oh dear. But we were right about the potential. “His hour of highly scripted drivel is the best structured and most intelligent set I’ve seen this year” say we of Acaster’s 2015 show. Which is good news for both him, and, perhaps even more so, for anyone performing a 1/5 show with potential at the Fringe this year.
Pleasance Courtyard, until 30 Aug

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