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Three To See 2015: Comedy Show Titles Worth Repeating

By | Published on Wednesday 5 August 2015


More comedy recommendations from ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses, this time only featuring shows with rather fine titles.

Imagine There’s No Ben Target (It’s Easy If You Try)
There are always a few show titles in the programme that make me hoot, snort or indulgently groan, and as this is a mildly pleasurable experience for me, I thought I would reward the creators of said titles with a mention. Obviously, it’s not just the title. I’m not going to recommend anyone completely rubbish just because of one laugh. Anyway, first up is Ben Target, of ‘Discover Ben Target’ fame (yes, that title made me laugh a bit too), who has elicited a number of highly rated reviews from our discerning review team in recent years, so I expect this year’s show will be a winner too.
Heroes @ The Hive, from 6 until 30 Aug

David O’Doherty: We Are All In The Gutter, But Some Of Us Are Looking At David Doherty (pictured)
Does David O’Doherty need recommending? Is there anyone out there in the comedy creating, comedy watching or life-living communities who hasn’t been exposed to his award-winning comedy stylings? Probably not, but I still have to mention him, because his show name made me snort, and that is the rule for this section of the tips. This year he is delighted to present a new hour of talking and songs played on a stupid keyboard from 1986. Life is like a box of chocolates, but one where somebody else has eaten all the chocolates. And replaced them with mouse heads and dishwasher tablets. Added bonus, the blurb made me hoot as well.
Assembly George Square Theatre, from 5 until 31 Aug

Return of The Danish Bagpipe Comedian
How could anyone in their right mind not want to go and see a Danish bagpipe comedian? Just the very idea makes me laugh out loud. Not because he’s Danish, I’m not Danish-ist, but the combination of Danish-ness, bagpipeness and comedy just makes me happy. It’s not the first time I’ve recommended this chap based solely on the kooky-sounding-ness of his act, but the last time I did it my faith was borne out by the very complimentary ThreeWeeks review that followed.
Laughing Horse @ Espionage, from 6 until 30 Aug

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