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Three To See 2015: Politics Festival

By | Published on Sunday 9 August 2015

Festival Of Politics

In her final batch of pre-Festival Three To See tips, ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses looks ahead to this month’s Festival Of Politics.

Defining The Scottish Referendum On Television
I suspect that most of you will remember that there was this little old thing called the referendum in Scotland recently, and as someone with a long relationship with Scotland, and friends with a lot of people who live in Scotland, I was extremely interested in it, but slightly afraid to have an opinion on it… I was also intrigued by the way it was covered by the media, which is why this event caught my eye; Dr Marina Dekevalla discusses her study looking at how television news explained this political event, with input from the likes of Bernard Ponsonby, political editor at STV, and Daniel Maxwell, executive editor at BBC Scotland.
Scottish Parliament, 16 Aug

Who Will Win America
Here’s another topical one for you, and this time looking to future events which may be of interest to you if you are even vaguely interested in, well, the world, really, given the impact that US culture and government policy has the potential to have on everyone else. America will elect a new president in 2016, and in this discussion, pollster/political strategists Jason Boxt and Robert Moran, plus White House correspondent Glenn Thrush discuss the likely outcome of the long and drawn out political campaign.
Scottish Parliament, 15 Aug

Scotland And Slavery (pictured)
Talking of the US, I suspect it’s one place that people tend to think of when we talk about slavery. We can’t blame it all on America, of course, and this discussion shines a pertinent light on that fact. Scotland took an active role in abolitionism, but Scots were also involved in the early slave trade, and Tom Devine will give a lecture on the topic, based on his book ‘Recovering Scotland’s Slavery Past: The Caribbean Connection’. There’s also a screening of ‘12 Years A Slave’ on as part of the festival, and there’s a discount available if you attend both events.
Scottish Parliament, 14 Aug

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