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Three To See 2015: A bonus set from Meet The Media

By | Published on Sunday 9 August 2015


Caro’s pre-Festival Three To See tips – as featured in our preview edition – are now all online. But before we get into review mode, here is a bonus Three To See, with a tip apiece from Chris, Gemma and Suzy all based on the Fringe Society’s big Meet The Media event yesterday. Having left Fringe Central with a large box full of show bumf, picking just three shows to recommend was very tricky indeed. But these are three shows we really liked the sound of…

Marc Jennings: Disconnected (pictured)
Marc Jennings decided to cut himself off from the internet entirely at the start of this year, deactivating his Facebook account and selling his smartphone, with the intent of going six months without ever connecting to the net and the flood of messages, notifications, email and porn it delivers. And in his Free Fringe show ‘Disconnected’ he’ll tell you how those six months offline went. As an online publisher, normally we wouldn’t approve of such projects, but in August we’re in print, so disconnect away!
Cowgatehead, until 29 Aug

According To Arthur
If this children’s show from PaddleBoat Theatre is just half as enchanting as the people behind it made it sound in their 90 seconds at the front of the ThreeWeeks queue yesterday, then it’s a must-see for younger festival-goers. We were already pretty curious about this one based on the clip of the show that featured in the first edition of the TW Podcast this Festival. Add in their Meet The Media pitch and we’re sold.
Greenside @ Infirmary Street, until 28 Aug

After being pitched Kat Woods’ play ‘Belfast Boy’ at Meet The Media last Fringe, we sent a reviewer along who was blown away by the piece (which is back at Spotlites this year, by the way). This time the pitch was for Woods’ new play ‘Wasted’, what sounds like a fascinating exploration of the issue of consent, in a dark drama based on true events considering what happens when two people have different yet equally blurred recollections of the night before. We’re told the conclusions of this piece very much depend on each audience member’s preconceptions. Definitely worth checking out.
Gilded Balloon, until 31 Aug