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Three To See 2019: Three Shows With Animal Themes

By | Published on Friday 14 June 2019

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the Festival with her Three To See tips. This time three shows with animal themes.

Lucille And Cecilia | Assembly Rooms | 1-24 Aug (pictured)
I love sea lions. I love them so much that they make me feel all squishy in my insides. And what, you may well be wondering, does that have to do with this show…? Well, everything, actually: it’s about two sea lions who perform in a circus, one of whom is desperate to escape, the other of which quite enjoys the attentions of their captor. This sounds like it will prove to be a funny and fabulous physical theatre piece, and yes, as established, I love sea lions, so it’s definitely going on the list. And yes, I know they’re not really sea lions. Listing here.

Like Animals | Summerhall | 31 Jul-25 Aug
“A parrot says ‘I love you’. A dolphin tries to speak. A woman spends a lifetime trying to understand”. Another animal inspired show for you (hardly surprising, given it’s, um, the theme of this Three To See section) and this time the focus is on love and communication in human relationships, inspired by true stories of animal language experiments and performed by an actual real life couple. Promises to be a blend of surreal comedy with moments of tenderness and vulnerability. Listing here.

Ex-Batts and Broilers | Assembly Rooms | 13-24 Aug
And so to our final animal show, a piece about chickens, told via clowning, dark comedy, storytelling and love music, exploring female friendship and industrial meat farming. “Gail and Gemma are two delightful chickens in a cage, discovering life as it comes. Join them on a touching, eggciting and cut-throat journey through friendship and chickenhood. Heroically saved by Jimmy from battery and broiler farms, watch them compete for your affections, and decide on your favourite to vote out of the cage to pastures new!” Hurrah! Listing here.