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Three To See 2019: Three Promising Sketch Comedy Shows

By | Published on Friday 21 June 2019

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the Festival with her Three To See tips. This time three of those comedic sketch-type shows.

Moon: We Cannot Get Out | Pleasance Courtyard | 31 Jul-25 Aug (pictured)
I love great sketch shows and rarely let a Fringe go by without doing a Three To See sketch selection. When I chose which three to tip this time it was so hard, though, with so many great acts doing great things. But I did choose, and I chose well, and here they are. We begin with this pairing, who got a very positive critical response when they made their Edinburgh debut last year. Expect something rather immersive and rather dark, as the duo attempt to perform their show in a venue that is seemingly trying to kill them… listing here.

Children Of The Quorn™ | Just The Tonic at La Belle Angele | 1-25 Aug
My choosing of this one has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am a sucker for horrible puns. Oh no, it’s because I think this show, given this duo’s previous form, is going to be really really good. They also clearly think their show is going to be really, really good, because they refer to themselves as “future Fringe legends”. And to be fair, I am not sure I have ever seen or heard of a sketch show that incorporates a séance before, and you know what kind of urban myths séances can provoke, so maybe this will indeed prove legendary. Listing here.

Felix And The Scootermen: Self-Help Yourself Famous | Underbelly Bristo Square | 31 Jul-26 Aug
“A-list, pop-star celebrities Felix Scoot and Lee Delamere welcome you behind the velvet rope to a self-help masterclass on how to become as famous as they are! Drawing on their sizeable years in the music biz with chart-topping band Felix & The Scootermen, they’ll teach you how to write the hits and play the fame game… and win… big!” If you think you recognise the pairing pictured in the edfringe listing for this, then there’s a reason for that: one-time chart botherers The Hoosiers take a side-step into comedy with this satirical seminar that’s destined to spiral out of control. Listing here.