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Three To See 2019: Mental Health And The Mind

By | Published on Friday 2 August 2019

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the Festival with her Three To See tips. This time three shows about mental health and the mind.

Yasmin Rahman: The Power Of Friendship | Charlotte Square Gardens | 10 Aug (pictured) 
Back to the Edinburgh International Book Festival now for our final set of three, for a date with Yasmin Rahman, writer of ‘All The Things We Never Said’. It’s a debut novel that deals with suicide as well as the power of friendship. Her heroine Mehreen is going through the darkest of times and intends to end her life, but the process of finding new friends makes her realise it may not be the best way forward. This event explores the very pressing issue of mental health in a digital age, and how to find the happiness and strength to keep going. Listing here.

Passengers | Summerhall | 31 Jul-25 Aug
“Max wants to tell you a story. He’s not entirely sure why or even who he is. Is he savage, peacekeeper or critic… or all of these? He’s hoping you’ll be able to help. Using the audience as judge, witness, confidante, the three versions of Max battle for supremacy over the self through storytelling, cabaret and operatic murder”. This dark comedy is semi-autobiographical, drawing on creator Kit Redstone’s mild Dissociative Identity Disorder to depict mental battles and the power of the mind to protect itself from pain. It invites audiences to see the self in a whole new way. Listing here.

Samantha Pressdee: Covered | PQA Venues @ Riddles Court | 2-26 Aug
For anyone not aware of her work, Samantha Pressdee is a comedian and activist who with her latest show focuses on mental health provision, the benefits system and social cleansing, and it’s very much a call to action. The performer has herself been through the system: hospitalised after a mental breakdown following the death of her father, she found herself spending time in a police cell whilst waiting for NHS help, and subsequently struggled to get her mental health needs met whilst navigating the welfare system. She’s a brilliant woman, and a funny one, and this show will be very much worth an hour of your time. Listing here.