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Three To See 2019: Ghostly Goings On

By | Published on Wednesday 31 July 2019

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the Festival with her Three To See tips. This time three ghostly shows and events.

Susan Fletcher & Michelle Paver | Charlotte Square Gardens | 19 Aug
Despite not actually really believing in ghosts at all, I have always been a fan of a good ghost story and I spent a lot of my youthful reading time on them. So when I saw there might be an opportunity to create a section on ghostly stuff I was very happy. And where better to start with ghost stories than at a Book Festival? Especially if you might want to gather tips on writing a good one. This event features the award winning Susan Fletcher, whose novel ‘House Of Glass’ focuses on love, lies and ghosts at the start of the Great War, and Michelle Paver, writer of gothic thriller ‘Wakenhyrst’. The pair will discuss “the art of building spine-tingling suspense”. Hurrah. Listing here.

Madame George By Keir McAllister | Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose | 31 Jul-26 Aug (pictured)
This one’s more about a medium than ghosts, but it still counts, obviously. And it’s a comedic thriller in the Fringe’s theatre section, so there’ll be laughter as well as a supernatural component. “Madame George is a psychic in a slump. It’s been two years, seven months and eleven days since her mum died and she’s still not bothered to get in touch. Then there’s the neighbour, the annoyingly persistent and intrusive Mr Doyle, who also happens to be her last remaining client. Things are in a rut when a message from the other side finally does come through… question is: will Madame George want to hear it?” Listing here.

Supernatural: Wonder Tales From Scotland | Scottish Storytelling Centre | 13-26 Aug
This one would have been very much at home in the Storytellers section too, because it’s a show by a very much renowned storyteller, Dougie Mackay. Drawing on Highland and Scots folk history and myth, Mackay shares tales of supernatural wonders from Scotland’s traditional tales. You can expect to hear about strange places full of fantastic creatures, curious characters and ferocious beasts, gathered from the past but delivered with a fresh and contemporary perspective. And it’s probably suitable for family outing, too, if you have older kids to entertain – guidance says it’s okay for children over eight. Listing here.