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Three To See 2019: Final Weekend

By | Published on Saturday 24 August 2019

It’s the finale weekend of the Festival, so here are some final Three To See show recommendations for 2019, all of them 5/5 performances.


Fires Our Shoes Have Made | C aquila | until 26 Aug
We start with this show mixing rap, song and spoken word, exploring knife crime, loss and trauma through the experiences of two young siblings who have run away from home. According to our reviewer: “The performances were excellent, the music toe-tappingly good and the script was genius, using the imagination of children to create a gripping fairytale-like adventure with moments of vivid imagery”. Listing here.

Wild Swimming | Pleasance Courtyard | until 26 Aug 
Next up, Full Rogue Theatre with ‘Wild Swimming’, a show which our reviewer found hugely impressive. Here’s the evidence: “We follow Nell and Oscar through the centuries, exploring attitudes to gender, literature and class, in a gleefully subversive modern idiom. Shows that involve their audience are ten a penny. Those that do so in the service of such big ideas, while having so much fun, are far rarer. This is their first production, and I cannot wait to see their next”. Listing here.

First Time | Summerhall | until 25 Aug 
Finally, we recommend this autobiographical show from Nathaniel Hall about staying positive despite an HIV diagnosis: “This personal and energetic production tackles the stigma through spectacular performing and a versatile stage presence. Hall’s experiences are translated into a visceral, interactive and educational theatrical journey. The stage is wonderfully utilised and repeatedly converted for effect. Never has a standing ovation been more deserved – this is a must see”. Listing here.


Rob Auton – The Time Show | Assembly George Square Studios | until 26 Aug
It looks like tickets for the excellent and well loved past TW Editors’ Award winning Rob Auton’s show have been selling fast, but, word to the wise, there’s an extra performance this evening at Assembly Roxy and it looks like tickets are available. Anyway, here’s what our reviewer said about this year’s show: “His ability to make you rethink what you know, delivered in his unique style – a cross between deadpan and awe at human behaviour – hits the mark every time. From eye-wateringly funny one-liners, to meandering musings on what it means to live in the moment, ‘The Time Show’ is beautifully uplifting”. Listings here.

Lost Musical Works Of Willy Shakes (The Lost Works) | Assembly Rooms | final show today
This comedy show based on the notion of Shakespeare attempting to put his plays to music ends its run today, so make an extra special effort to see it, because according to our writer, it’s absolutely excellent: “This premise demands brevity, which tightens the performance of this madcap collision of musical and Shakespearean theatre. Guy Hughes and Joe Leather delight in boiling down the oeuvre of the great bard to its core, then skewering it with pitch perfect music and dance. This shows off their musical abilities and knowledge of the source material, and is coupled with lashings of humour”. Listing here.

Rhys Nicholson – Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations | Underbelly Bristo Square | until 25 Aug (pictured)
Tickets for this are in high demand, but you never know, you might get lucky. If not, there’s always tomorrow. It’s no wonder, of course, because he’s a class act, as our reviewer will attest: “Rhys Nicholson is certainly a distinctive character and his caustic wit and talent for storytelling leave you hanging on his every word. I honestly think I could listen to him read out a shopping list and would find it entertaining. His witty delivery as he pokes fun at himself – and of course others – is endlessly entertaining. He’s unapologetic about who he is and, with the confidence he displays, it’s hard not to be enchanted”. Listing here.

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