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Three To See 2018: Three sketch comedy shows

By | Published on Saturday 28 July 2018

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the Festival with her Three To See tips. This time three sketch comedy shows

Sleeping Trees: World Tour | Assembly George Square Studios | 1-26 Aug (pictured)
Right, so let’s do some sketch shows, starting with long term ThreeWeeks favourite Sleeping Trees. Though, having said the word ‘sketch’ in the same sentence as ‘Sleeping Trees’ I am now going to have to do some explaining, because what they do is probably different from what a lot of you might regard as a sketch show. This is not just a series of different unrelated skits, as many sketch shows are, rather it’s all connected, telling the story of a trip around the world and a secret mission. Anyway, these guys are absolutely brilliant, and we only ever have good things to say, so don’t miss them. “A story of love, revenge and friendship, and by friendship, we mean revenge”.

Pelican Comedy: Fisk | Bedlam Theatre | 1-27 Aug
And, as it just so happens, Pelican Comedy appear to be purveyors of something similar, in the sense that their sketches are seemingly tied together by an overarching narrative. The group blend sketch, improv and physical comedy and have a rather surreal approach, according to my sources. They also received a rave review of this show when it was at the work-in-progress stage, so heaven knows what heights it’s reached by now. Looks like it might also be a good one to take in with your teenagers, as the guideline age is 14+, so perhaps get on and plan that family outing.

Moon | Pleasance Courtyard | 1-27 Aug
And so to our final sketch recommendation, a hotly contested space, which, after much deliberation, was handed to this relatively new but accomplished pairing. It’s their first Edinburgh show, but they’ve been putting in a lot of sketch practice down south. They promise to entertain you with “dark, unexpected, and immersive sketches” as well as “ a nifty soundtrack trickery and plenty of acting chops”. I’ve already heard lots and lot of good things about them, so I don’t think their newcomer status should put you off: they’re definite up-and-comers.

Photo: Mark Dawson

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