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Three To See 2018: Three shows for younger children

By | Published on Saturday 28 July 2018

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the Festival with her Three To See tips. This time three Fringe shows for younger children.

BambinO | The Edinburgh Academy | 7-19 Aug
I felt bad for choosing shows for the previous section that would be absolutely no use to those of you with pre-schoolers and toddlers, so here begins a section just for you. And it starts with a brilliant and already acclaimed show aimed at babby-lambs aged from six to eighteen months old. It’s a reinvention of opera, designed specifically for these little growing minds, and it’s a relaxed performance that allows those little ones to explore during the show, to interact with the singers, the musicians, and each other. Doesn’t that sound brilliant? Wish I still had a baby. Well, maybe not.

Shhh… The Elves Are Very Shy | Royal Botanic Gardens | 5-26 Aug
You may or may not know about the long and involved love affair that ThreeWeeks has had with Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens. We really truly love it there, especially in the middle of the Festival when we want to go somewhere a bit less crowded. So how lovely that there is a really enticing looking show for little ones there. Elfologist Dr Faye Greenwood is all set to explain just why these poor elves are so backward at coming forward, and get help in encouraging her tiny friends to come out and say hello. Promises to be multi-sensory, musical, magical and accessible to the very smallest tots.

Kika’s Birthday | Pleasance Courtyard | 1-13 Aug (pictured)
“Kika, a little French mouse, is going to be five years old! Her family has planned a birthday surprise, with friends, songs and a grasshopper band. But who is that with a twitchy tail and shining eyes watching them closely? It’s that bright orange cat. Will she join the party, make some new friends and share some birthday cake, or does she have something else in mind?” A lovely storytelling show with interaction and puppetry, created for younger audiences, and brought to you by acclaimed performer Danyah Miller.

Photo: The Other Richard