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Three To See 2017: Three sketch comedy shows

By | Published on Friday 28 July 2017

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the Festival with her Three To See tips. This time three sketch comedy shows.

Margarita Dreams | Underbelly Med Quad | 2-28 Aug
I tell you what, I’m dreaming of margaritas right now, which is a bit sad really, because I am not allowed to drink any at the moment because of the drugs I am on (prescription drugs, actually, stop judging me). Perhaps instead I can drown my sorrows in the joys of this extremely promising sketch show, penned by much acclaimed veteran comedy writer and lyricist Richard Sparks, and performed by four definite up and comers.

Sisters – White Noise | Pleasance Courtyard | 2-27 Aug
The name of this act might be considered a bit misleading in the sense that this sketch duo is the pairing of Christy White-Spunner and Mark Jones, who look suspiciously like boys. But that’s not really relevant, because what you want is some quality entertainment, and I feel very confident that these two can provide it. Even though this is their debut Edinburgh hour as a pair, they have loads and loads of previous relevant experience so are totally up to the job.

Goose: Amphetawaltz | Assembly George Square Gardens | 3-27 Aug
Another duo that have long been on our favourites list, though it’s a duo with a difference because while they – Adam Drake and Ben Rowse – both write the show, only one of them – Adam – performs it, while the other – yes, Ben – directs. They always get super reviews from our writers, and they’re describing this year’s production as “their most ambitious show yet”, so I reckon we can all expect good things.