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Three To See 2017: Three Book Festival sessions for grown-ups

By | Published on Saturday 5 August 2017

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the Festival with her Three To See tips. This time three Book Festival events for grown ups (ie main programme rather than kids programme!).

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim & Dorit Rabinyan | Edinburgh International Book Festival | 14 Aug
Two different writers speak about two different books, united by the theme of love. Nigeria Prize For Literature winner Abubakar Adam Ibrahim is the author of ‘Season Of Crimson Blossoms’, a novel about the connection between a young gang leader and a 55 year old widow. Dorit Rabinyan’s best selling work ‘All The Rivers’, which was banned in Israeli schools, tells the story of the taboo relationship between a Palestinian painter and an Israeli translator.

A Piece Of You | Edinburgh International Book Festival | 14-18 Aug
If you think that the Book Festival only involves people talking about books, then here’s one of the events that will prove that your assumption is a bit sweeping. This is an intimate chamber concert, intended for no more than three people at a time, held by performance artist, cellist and composer Greg Sinclair, who will use your innermost thoughts to create for you your very own score. Sounds amazing.

Alex Renton | Edinburgh International Book Festival | 27 Aug (pictured)
This looks like it will be enormously interesting. Alex Renton talks about his book ‘Stiff Upper Lip’, in which he investigates the tradition of schooling among Britain’s ‘elites’. The author takes a look at the unhappiness his own boarding school education caused, questioning the impact that this system has on those who go through it, especially bearing in mind that many of those who do go through it end up running our country. Yikes.