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Three To See 2016: Scottish Comedians

By | Published on Saturday 30 July 2016

Scott Agnew

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses helps you navigate the Festival with her Three To See tips. This time three Scottish comedians.

Chris Forbes – Tall Needy Mutant | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 3-29 Aug
So, you’re in Edinburgh for the Festival (sorry if you’re reading this and you live here and the Fringe came to you without even asking) so I absolutely demand that you go and see some actually Scottish comedians instead of just watching acts you’ve already seen down in London. Though to be fair, you might actually have seen these acts in London too. But never mind. First up, Chris Forbes of ‘Scot Squad’ fame with a show about wondering and worrying about what people think of you. Which sounds kind of serious, but I promise you, he is funny.

Scott Gibson – Life After Death | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 3-29 Aug
The next Scot is actually called Scott. Scott is from Glasgow and has been praised by Frankie Boyle, so that’s a good start. His brand of comedy is dark (read the title) but conversational and anecdotal and full of real life infused with hilarity. “’Life After Death’ is a story of fear, love, life and Blackpool”, runs the blurb. Sounds promising, no? You can’t go wrong with Blackpool.

Scott Agnew – I’ve Snapped My Banjo String, Let’s Just Talk | Gilded Balloon at The Counting House | 3-29 Aug (pictured)
The final Scot is also actually called Scott. What are the chances of that happening? Well, realistically quite high, I imagine, it’s probably quite a popular name here in Scotland. But I digress. Scott Agnew, former Scottish Comedian Of The Year, is regarded as a brilliant storyteller, and in this follow up to 2012’s ‘Tales Of The Sauna’ he holds forth on the subject of working class gay life, sexual health, and mental health.