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Three Shows With Music

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three shows with music at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

The Gods The Gods The Gods | Assembly Rooms | 4-27 Aug
Although the music strand of the Fringe can seem rather small when compared to the comedy or theatre sections, the sum total of shows involving music in some way across the programme – not to mention all the concerts in the International Festival – mean there is an awful lot of music in Edinburgh each August, making picking just a few shows here very hard indeed. ‘The Gods The Gods The Gods’ comes from the theatre side of things but is a gig-theatre piece “full of big beats and soaring melodies” as well as spoken word influenced by the likes of Walt Whitman and William Blake. Four Stories are told, and fourteen tracks played, whilst the audience are placed right at the centre of the performance, and we think it sounds thrilling. Click here for info and tickets.

The Village And The Road | Scottish Storytelling Centre – Netherbow | 17-29 Aug (pictured)
Part of the Made In Scotland showcase, ‘The Village And The Road’ offers a personal and collective story of rural depopulation, told through theatre, live music and storytelling. “Tom Pow draws on his travels for this emotive journey exploring abandonment of the countryside, refugee crises and the great thinning of the natural world, whilst The Galloway Agreement musicians draw on their wide experience of European musical traditions, enlarging the emotional landscape and driving the narrative”. An important, and poignant, topic. Click here for info and tickets.

Caste-ing | Roundabout @ Summerhall | 3-28 Aug
I suspect there are quite a lot of people who tend to think of music at the Festival largely falling into the category of folk, classical or show tunes. But they’d be wrong to think of it that way, actually, because there are loads of contemporary sounds going on, and ‘Caste-ing’ is a show offering exactly that, as it features beatboxing, rap, song and spoken word. The show explores the experiences of three black actresses, exposing how they navigate the realities, structures and pressures put on them by the industry. It’s an important topic to tackle, this, as the play asks questions about how they can maintain their careers and friendships in a world that seemingly wants to pit them against each other. Click here for info and tickets.