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Three Shows Telling Women’s Stories

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three shows telling women’s stories at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

The Sian Clarke Experience | Underbelly Cowgate | 4-28 Aug
We had a focus on fathers and sons earlier, so now let us give women the floor for a moment and check out some fab Fringe performers telling stories of distinctly gender influenced experiences. Let’s begin at Underbelly with ‘The Sian Clarke Experience’, which is: “An ode to every man who has belittled her, made her feel unsafe, objectified her, told her she can’t be funny, called her a slut, told her to smile more… A dark, twisted comedic piece full of aggression and discomfort, examining the constraints of a woman biting back in a society eager to silence and vilify those no longer accepting its bullshit. That, or a show about a woman who needs to learn to take a joke”. Click here for info and tickets.

She-Wolves | Greenside @ Nicolson Square | 5-13 Aug
It has to be said, of course, that there are lots and lots of shows that could fit with the theme of women’s stories, for such events are all over the Festival. And while you might expect to find most of them in theatre, or perhaps in comedy, this one’s from the dance/physical theatre category and it sounds oh-so-interesting, not least because of the historical content (I love historical content). ‘She-Wolves’ tells tales of forgotten female rulers from the past – stories of women from the mediaeval and Tudor periods – conveyed via movement, speech, image and song, with material based on Helen Castor’s excellent book and BBC series of the same name. Click here for info and tickets.

The Actress | Underbelly Bristo Square | 3-29 Aug (pictured)
“1660, London, England. Charles II has returned to the country to take the throne and immediately reopened the theatres. It is a time of debauchery and revelry and speculation is swirling around the city that for the first time a woman will be allowed onto the stage. The King’s Company invite two very different women, from very different backgrounds, to join them, but only one can be the first”. Yay, another historical piece, about real historical characters, and another great story, this time back in the theatre section. And as well as being an interesting tale, one can’t help thinking it has contemporary relevance for women. Click here for info and tickets.