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Three Shows About Ageing Concerns

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three shows about ageing concerns at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

The Not So Ugly Duckling: A Play For Grownups | Scottish Storytelling Centre – Netherbow | 11-27 Aug
A lot of Fringe stuff focuses on youthful people and is presented by younger performers, so let’s starve them of attention for a moment and talk about older people instead, and shows that deal with topics pertinent to the concerns of more mature generations. And who knows, they might appeal to the younger market too. ‘The Not So Ugly Duckling’ is literally a play for grown ups, and it focuses on two older women who, in retelling a familiar tale, find dark places and unanswered questions, but come to celebrate the pains and joys of lives well-lived. Part of the Made In Scotland showcase, it’s written and performed by Maria MacDonell and Jo Clifford. Click here for info and tickets.

Possibly The Last Chance To See Susan Morrison | The Stand’s New Town Theatre | 4-28 Aug
To be clear, I’m not sure whether this is in fact the last opportunity to see this writer, broadcaster and comedian perform, but the title definitely reflects the age-related concerns of the content of the show. “Susan Morrison is at an age and stage to get some funny stuff off her chest. Mid-life crisis? Nah. This definitely isn’t the middle of her life, but she’s still having a laugh. She survived the Cold War, shoulder pads and the Osmonds, but time marches on and it turns out the end might be sooner than expected, although she’s determined to breathe long enough to get her bloody pension. It’s been a funny old life and there’s a few things she’s learned along the way she’d like to pass on”. Why not head over to the New Town to find out what they are? Click here for info and tickets.

The Rest Of Our Lives | Summerhall | 16-28 Aug (pictured)
“‘The Rest Of Our Lives’ is a joyful morning dose of dance, theatre, circus and games. A cabaret of life and near death. Two middle-aged lives in an eclectic, spontaneous, predictable and random decline. Jo is an old dancer, George an old clown. International artists with 100 years of life experience between them, armed with a soundtrack of floor-fillers, a book of raffle tickets and a sprinkling of eco-friendly optimism”. A fabulous sounding show from the dance, physical theatre and circus programme, here as part of the This Is Wales In Edinburgh showcase, that promises to be celebratory, hilarious and joyful. “It’s the beginning of the end. But we’re still here”. Click here for info and tickets.