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Three Remodelled Classics

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three remodelled classics at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

Classic! | Pleasance Courtyard | 3-29 Aug (pictured)
You know how our Shakespeare section featured shows that were very much departures from the norm in terms of their actual relationship with the Bard’s work? Well, we’re kind of doing a similar thing here, but it’s a bit more broad ranging, in that we’re looking at plays featuring other authors’ mashed up stuff. In the case of ‘Classics!’, it’s a whole plethora of different works being plundered, and it’s all done at rather high speed. It’s been written by ‘Coronation Street’ and ‘Emmerdale’ writers Lindsay Williams and Peter Kerry, and it features some novel ideas (yes, novel ideas!) like presenting ‘Moby Dick’ as a sea shanty, ‘Jane Eyre’ as a silent movie, and ‘Oliver Twist’ as a film noir. And it looks like the whole thing will be fab. Click here for info and tickets.

Prejudice And Pride | theSpace Triplex | 5-27 Aug
Here’s one for fans of musicals, and with the added bonus of having a connection with Jane Austen’s (probably) most famous work. This is an award-winning gender-swapped production, a folk music comedy featuring a live band and fifteen original songs, and – warning – it contains gunfire. Why? Well, if I explain the setting a bit more it might all become clear. Set in the United States, it focuses on the Longhorn boys in East Tennessee, who “must find love or at least empathy with the millionaires next door before they lose the family farm”. So that sounds like fun. Click here for info and tickets.

Jungle Book Reimagined | Festival Theatre | 25-28 Aug
And finally, we’re back over to the International Festival for a somewhat different take on the ‘The Jungle Book’. This dance piece is by an EIF favourite – internationally acclaimed choreographer Akram Khan – and it reinvents the journey of Mowgli through the eyes of a climate refugee: “In a near future world, a family is torn apart as they escape their homeland, ravaged by the impact of extreme weather. Arriving alone in a deserted modern city, and with wild animals claiming the streets as their own, the child soon discovers unlikely allies in this strange new jungle”. It’s put together by an amazing team and is suitable for older children (eight plus), so it’s another family outing possibility to consider. Click here for info and tickets.