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Three Musicful Shows

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three musicful shows at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

Wayne Marshall Plays Gershwin | Usher Hall | 13 Aug (pictured)
You may well be wondering what we mean by a ‘musicful show’ and quite how that differs from a ‘show with music’, so I will make it clear: musicful shows are entirely full of music and are most likely listed under music or opera, whereas a show with music might appear in any section, but still have some music in it. This selection is part of the International Festival’s very good line up of music shows and features the excellent pianist, conductor and composer Wayne Marshall, who is renowned for his ability to blend classical music and jazz. This festival he’ll be playing Gershwin, so you can look forward to an evening of American classics. Click here for info and tickets.

Six Stories | theSpace @ Symposium Hall | 8-18 Aug
You probably couldn’t get a starker contrast with Gershwin than this offering from WeMu, a group of artists formed at the Korea National University Of Arts who are dedicated to sharing traditional Korean shamanic rituals with international audiences. ‘Six Stories’ consists of six songs, each usually used in three specific village rituals from across Korea, and the show unites Korean instruments such as piri and janggu with the violin and keyboard. And the performance, of course, promises to be atmospheric and emotional, an evocation of the country’s national heritage. Click here for info and tickets.

Rusalka | Festival Theatre | 6-9 Aug
I think it’s time for some opera, don’t you? For we love opera, here at ThreeWeeks, but of course it doesn’t really form a large part of what’s on offer at Festival time. You can generally rely on the International Festival for a bit of it, though, so that’s where we’re headed, to see ‘Rusalka’ at the Festival Theatre. A new production of Dvořák’s best-loved opera featuring Welsh soprano Natalya Romaniw in the title role, it tells the story of a water sprite who sacrifices everything when she falls in love with a human prince, and yes, it was inspired by such stories as ‘The Little Mermaid’. Click here for info and tickets.