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Three Musical Comedy Shows

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three musical comedy shows at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

Alex MacKeith: Thanks For Listening | Underbelly Bristo Square | 3-28 Aug
We’re back to things musical now, but this time we are parked squarely in the comedy zone, because we’re here to see comedy types who just happen to do songs. This kind of show isn’t necessarily every comedy lover’s cup of tea, but there’s quite a lot of them to choose from, and clearly there are also loads of people whose cup of tea is exactly this. First up is Alex MacKeith, acclaimed up and comer, who makes his Fringe debut this year with ‘Thanks For Listening’. “Join Alex and his guitar and hopefully other audience members on an acoustic odyssey of songs that are playful, dark and maximum three minutes long. If you’re looking for a sexy, confident musical comedian, by all means please find one and bring them to this”. Ha ha. Click here for info and tickets.

Jenny Bede: The First Pregnant Woman In The World | Underbelly Bristo Square | 3-29 Aug
“You won’t have had children yet, as Jenny is the first person to ever go through this particular ordeal, but you might be keen to learn a little something about this incredible new process”. Jenny Bede first caught our attention back at the 2015 edfringe with a show called ‘Don’t Look At Me’ and a performance that our reviewer labelled a “unique delight” on account of her lovable, funny, conversational style and down to earth persona. So, of course, we want to see any new show of hers, especially one that deals with this entirely new process of having a baby, which we would otherwise know nothing about. Click here for info and tickets.

Katie Pritchard: Disco Ball | Pleasance Courtyard | 3-29 Aug (pictured)
Are you telling me you can resist a show with ‘Disco Ball’ in the title? No, I bet you can’t. And I expect you’ll be even more tempted when I tell you that the performer behind it is very critically acclaimed on account of her being super talented, inventive and hilarious. And you’ll no doubt be even more drawn in when you read all this info about the show: “Party with carnage-wielding, mayhem-manifesting, award-winning, human disco ball Katie Pritchard, in her debut musical-comedy hour, as she tries to figure out ‘who she is’ while possibly dressed as a pavlova”. Come on, a pavlova. Honestly, who could resist that? Click here for info and tickets. Click here for info and tickets.