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Three Love Stories

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three love stories at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

Confetti | Assembly George Square | 3-29 Aug (pictured)
I have to say, if you’d ever told me that I’d create an edfringe Three To See section focused on love stories I’d have laughed in your face, because I’m one of those people who’d like you to think they’re a hard-ass that doesn’t have time for such fluff. However, this particular theme has this year generated a few picks that are a bit unusual and not necessarily, you know, sappy. This one’s a queer romcom from Will Jackson and follows Felix – “uptight and unlucky in love” – who is ‘mate of honour’ for his best friend’s wedding, from surprise hen night to wedding reception, as he finds himself pursuing a romance of his own. Will definitely be hilarious. Click here for info and tickets.

My (Unauthorised) Hallmark Movie Musical | C aquila | 3-21 Aug
“How long has it been since you’ve enjoyed a truly romantic experience? Admit it; we are suckers for a story with romance. ‘My (Unauthorized) Hallmark Movie Musical’ discovers a writer who dreams herself awake and rediscovers romance in a non-conventional way”. One for fans of musicals – especially, I think, for those musical fans with a knowledge and/or appreciation of the genre of filmed romance. It’s a one woman show that makes use of both film and live theatre, and promises to take you – via the medium of cliche singing and dancing rom-com movie characters – on a fun and frivolous journey to where love always wins. Click here for info and tickets.

The Cloud And The Man | EIFF at Filmhouse | 13+18 Aug
For our final love based event, we’re headed back to the Edinburgh International Film Festival for the screening of a film that fits the romantic bill here, but in a slightly… well, different way. It’s an Indian film – a first feature by 30-year-old Abhinandan Banerjee – that tells the story of office worker Manik, who at the start of the film lives with his sick father, but is given notice to leave his home when his dad passes away. As his world seems to be falling apart, his luck changes, and a cloud starts following him, and yes, you guessed it, this is the tale of the love between a man and a cloud. And I think it sounds incredibly charming. Click here for info and tickets.