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Three Improv Shows

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three improv shows at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation | Underbelly Bristo Square | 5-28 Aug
And now time for another comedy-focused section, and in fact a style of comedy that the TW team have been passionate about since the early nineties. For yes, we are big fans of improv and seek it out, well, all year round really, but especially during the old edfringe when you can barely move for it. CSI are one of our more recently acquired improv faves, a troupe who create a new and funny whodunnit in every show as they try to solve murder mysteries invented by that day’s audience. This lot are much acclaimed – it’s not just us that likes them – and it’s brilliant for those of you who are fans of both detective stories and comedy, right? Click here for info and tickets.

Starship Improvise | Pleasance Dome | 6-21 Aug (pictured)
Speaking of which, here’s an improv show that ought to appeal to people who are fans of both sci fi and comedy, proving that there really is something at this festival for everyone. The conceit with this one is that each improvised show is an episode of a Star-Trek-like smash hit TV programme, which ran for many seasons and made international stars of some its cast. The audience will suggest the content of each instalment, which will play out against the background of fifteen years of behind-the-scenes drama – in-fighting, relationships, sexual tensions, ego, and so on. It sounds like amazing fun and is performed by some seasoned pros, so don’t miss it. Click here for info and tickets.

Sex, Lies & Improvisation | theSpace @ Symposium Hall | 5-20 Aug
“A dark comedy about lying together. Inspired by an anonymous lie chosen by the audience, each show reveals why we lie to the people we love”. We would have been rather intrigued by this improv concept even if we hadn’t already been fans of the team behind it, who are also responsible for ‘Mates’, the improvised 90s sitcom. It’s also something of a follow up to ‘Between Us’, a theatrical improvised show that we fell in love with back in 2019, that depicted a couple’s relationship using facts and anecdotes from the audience, and created stories that were funny, yet also moving and serious. So yes, we’ll be expecting high quality stuff. Click here for info and tickets.