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Three Family Shows

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three family shows at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

The Lost Letters | Quaker Meeting House | 8-13 Aug
There are family shows scattered throughout these tips – which is to say, shows that are suitable for younger audiences as well as their older companions – but we thought it would be nice to also have a section specifically dedicated to things to entertain your holidaying kids. First up is one of our all-time favourite Fringe regular companies, Newbury Youth Theatre, who always turn up at the Festival with beautiful shows that win lots of acclaim, and yes, they’re another past winner of one of our Editors’ Awards. Their latest show is “a magical portmanteau production of love, friendship and forgotten messages that connect people across warzones and Christmas wish lists in a collection of heart-warming modern fables”, suitable for children over the age of eight. Click here for info and tickets.

Around The World With Nellie Bly | theSpace At Surgeon’s Hall | 5-20 Aug
“The year is 1889 and intrepid journalist Nellie Bly is about to embark on her biggest adventure yet: racing around the world to beat Jules Verne’s famous fictional hero, Phileas Fogg. In a journey that captures the imagination of the world, she traverses continents, faces fierce ocean storms and even adopts a monkey! But can she make it back in less than 80 days?” We love the sound of this adventure story told with the aid of puppetry, audience interaction and compelling characters, and of course the fact that its central character is female – as the company point out, girls are allowed to have adventures too. Recommended age range is six to twelve. Click here for info and tickets.

Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science Show | Gilded Balloon at the Museum | 3-21 Aug (pictured)
We’ve always loved tracking down the science-based shows on as part of the Festival, and often found ourselves especially excited to find one in the children’s programme. On a serious note, one feels it’s very important to encourage young people to develop an interest in science, even if they’re not destined to be career scientists; but on a less serious note, such shows usually involve some really fun and jaw-dropping experiments that will engage even the most easily distracted child. And that’s what you can expect from Mark Thompson, and his award winning ‘Spectacular Science Show’, which promises an interactive hour of explosions, chemical reactions, and, um, toilet roll. Hurrah! Click here for info and tickets.