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Three Character Comedy Shows

By | Published on Wednesday 3 August 2022

Three character comedy shows at Edinburgh Festival 2022…

Christopher Bliss: Captain Words Eye | Pleasance Courtyard | 3-28 Aug (pictured)
It’s nearly all over, folks. We’ve nearly reached the end of our Three To See preview picks for the Edinburgh Festival 2022, but before we go, let’s just do a few more comedy shows – not least because comedy is the biggest bit of the programme – and let’s make them character comedy tips, because there’s loads of that kind of comedy on offer. First up, highly acclaimed creation Christopher Bliss, Shropshire’s worst writer, “pulls on his socks and sandals, irons his shell suit windbreaker, combs his curtains, and leaves Shropshire for the fifth time in his life to bring his fifth show to the Edinburgh Fringe”. And it will, I guarantee you, be fun. Click here for info and tickets.

Richard David-Caine: Tall Dark and Anxious | Underbelly Cowgate | 4-28 Aug
Now over to Underbelly Cowgate for an hour with Four Screws Loose alumnus Richard David-Caine – who has been on the telly in things like ‘Horrible Histories’, ‘Class Dismissed’ and ‘People Just Do Nothing’ – and who promises to deliver us some high octane character comedy, so he’d frankly better follow through with that. It’s directed by Matthew Floyd Jones of Frisky & Mannish fame, which is a definite point in this show’s favour, and the blurb says we can expect “outlandish characters, original songs, and daring insights into the actor behind all the faces”, so I’m very much prepared to give this one a shot. Click here for info and tickets.

Angelos Epithemiou: Can I Just Show You What I’ve Got? | Monkey Barrel Comedy | 12-18 Aug
We’re at the very, very last tip now, and it seems entirety fitting that the very last tip of all – and the final tip of the character comedy section – should be for an absolute cult favourite (it’s not just me who thinks he’s a cult favourite, it says so in his blurb) and “unwitting star” of ‘Shooting Stars’, ‘Dave’s One Night Stand’ and Channel 4’s ‘The Angelos Epithemiou Show’. “Angelos is here standing in front of people for about seven days, maybe more if he can get time off at the stables. Come and see him talk and prepare his speech for the UN”. So there you have it. Don’t miss him – he’s only on for a week. Click here for info and tickets.