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Three biographical musicals

By | Published on Thursday 27 July 2023

Three biographical musicals being staged at Edinburgh Festival 2023…

Alan Turing – A Musical Biography | Paradise In Augustines | 5-19 Aug
And now for some musicals, in particular a trio that caught my eye because of the fact that they’re all about real historical people. I am a fan of the historical, it’s fair to say. This one, composed by Joel Goodman and Jan Osborne, with a new script by Joan Greening, takes a look at the life of the extraordinary Alan Turing, who – you will surely know – used his code breaking genius to save millions. Click here for info and tickets.

Fierce | Greenside @ Infirmary Street | 7-12 Aug
This one especially caught my eye because it’s about women and I am, of course, a big fan of women. It focuses specifically on a set of women who became famous in their own right, but were held back in their own lifetimes, basically because they were women: Wollstonecraft, Ginsburg, Anning, Kahlo, O’Malley, King and Lovelace. Expect empowering, patriarchy-smashing music. Click here for info and tickets.

Apple Of My Eye | Paradise In The Vault | 5-19 Aug (pictured)
“A divisive character, deemed a genius by some and hated by others. With a cultish following, in the eyes of his fans he could do no wrong whilst in private he could exhibit toxic traits”. Yes, it’s a one man musical about Steve Jobs, with songs inspired by “his adoption, his use of LSD, the denial of his first daughter and, of course, Apple”. So that’s intriguing, yes? Click here for info and tickets.