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This story belongs to Lionel Richie, naturally

By | Published on Monday 6 August 2012

Barry Ferns

Avid Fringe fanatics will know the name Barry Ferns, but even casual Fringe fans will know who I am talking about if I say “he’s the bloke whose shows always include the name ‘Lionel Richie'”. And, indeed, technically he too is now officially named after the ‘Hello’ making music man.

Once again this year Ferns has several Fringe projects on the go, including a daily show – come rain, come shine – at the top of Arthur’s Seat. And that’s not the only outdoors venture this year, though the other one won’t require him personally to brace those rain storms only Edinburgh can muster up during August, because Ferns has gone virtual, and has put together a Fringe-themed walking tour of Edinburgh that you can follow by downloading an MP3, turning your iPhone on outside The Tron, and following the instructions that follow.

“I’ve been to so many Fringes now that all the streets and venues are dripping with soggy memories for me, as I’m sure they are for all other performers and Fringe regulars”, Ferns tells ThreeWeeks. But for those newer to the Fringe those memories are hidden, and so I thought it would be great to be able to walk around the Festival and have those memories told to you as you go”.

He continued: “The Fringe has changed remarkably in the last 30 years and to most that history is inaccessible. This audio tour is meant to invite listeners through the looking glass into the alternate reality that is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. People just download the MP, get themselves to Hunter Square outside the Tron pub, and they’ll be directed down a specific route”.

And what memories will we get to share? “The tour will illuminate the listener with memories from Arthur Smith, Simon Munnery and other Fringe regulars from over the last 20 years. And it will also invite people to take part in the Fringe themselves via some fun Fringe-y participations – if they so wish!”

You’ll find the ‘This Audio Tour Belongs To Lionel Richie’ download in the iTunes store, or click here to go straight to it. Ferns’ main show is at The Hive at 4pm daily, the Arthur’s Seat show is at 1pm, and look out for details of other happenings at www.thisbelongstolionelrichie.co.uk.