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Things We Find In The Dark (Echo Echo Echo)

By | Published on Friday 25 August 2017

We have all, at some point, felt uneasy when confronted with total darkness. Echo Echo Echo channel this instinctive fear into a visual feast of shadow play and theatre that excites but ultimately falls short. Sam, a young boy, is forced into a strange and uncertain world to pursue the dark, shadowy figure who had stolen his night light. A fantastical journey follows, as Sam makes his way through the gloomy wilderness. The union of lights, puppets and music is often powerfully theatrical and this performance is technically excellent. However, over-exaggerated gesture and narrative cliche prevents the sinister magic from ever truly breaking free. This stylish production is brimming with potential yet to be unleashed.

ZOO, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [James Napleton]